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Nothing better than a big fat

Nothing better than a big fat corn feed mule deer.  I bet he is real tasty.  Again Congrats!

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Not to shabby with limited

Not to shabby with limited time....good work!

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Got my bull

Not the biggest bull in the area but with the hunting conditions I was happy to settle on it after passing up 3 others that I called in earlier. And wouldn't you know it the big bull I was after was in a wallow on the trail up to retreve my bull the next morning. The DOW officer that checked him said he should have been a 6X6 if he did not get his antlers broken in the same place on both sides. This one left 7 cows, 50 yds behind, to pass at 10 yds to go after my Miss September decoy. In the second picture you can see the decoy in the opening in the top left hand corner. It looks like the big beautiful butt of a feeding elk. I called and he answered for about 20 ninutes before he came out of the timber. I was on the edge of the timber and open field behind the deadfall 10 yds behind him. He never even noticed me. When I shot he just stood there. He turned to look at his cows. I thought I missed or did not have a bullet loaded, I did not see an entrance or exit wound. I tried to reload as he took a couple steps then he just layed down. As I got reloaded I could tell he would not get up again.

My buddy, that came to help me, filled his bear tag with a nice chocolate/blond bear. He also filled his fall turkey tag  while I was chasing deer in the archery season. I filled my turkey tag after getting my bull.


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Congrats on a successful

Congrats on a successful hunt! Great looking bull whether his horns are broken or not. Thumbs up

Do you have a guess on how much he weighted and the amount of meat you have from him?

Any pics of the bear and turkeys? Yes

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