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CO mule deer hunting

Hi guys this is my first post here and I was looking for some info on CO Mule deer hunting.

Myself and some buds of mine are filling out all the paper work for the CO drawing and trying to plan a hunt.One of the guys went about 10 years ago and ended up in a Rifle CO which I Think is area 10 or 21 anyway I just need as much info as I can get..

Is this a good area? is their a good chance of getting drawn for this area and how would you tell is some of the public land has been leased by outfitters??? Are their other areas that might be better??

I have hunted Whitetail all my life but I am new to this whole drawing and open range hunting..


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CO mule deer hunting

Unit 10 and 21 would put you quite a ways west of Rifle.

Unit 10 contains Dinosaur (a town) and borders Utah on the west and unit 21 on the south. Unit 21 contains Rangely. Both of these units have mule deer and a lot of open space. Both units share the white river and will be high plains open range sage brush hunting.

Rifle is on the edge of unit 32 and do southwest of White River National Forest (WRNF), of which is open for public hunting. White River National Forest contains units 23, 24, 33, 34, 25, 12, and 26. This will be more alpine style hunting in pine trees and aspen. There are mule deer in WRNF too.

As for picking a unit, review the big game stats from the DOW, they will give you an idea of the number of deer taken in a unit and hunting pressure relative to other units.