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CO hunting partner wanted

I'm a 37 year old guy in great shape looking for a hunting buddy. I have many friends some of which who hunt, but none which take it seriously. They all wait to opening day to decide if they will be going that year. It's too hard to plan a successful trip with that attitude. I think I'm a great hunter, but I never bring anything home, OK maybe I'm not a great hunter. Favorite game in CO is elk and mule deer, but am hoping to give turkey a try in the next week or two. I love to shoot guns of all sorts and will sometimes go through several boxes of ammo. in the middle of the hunting day plinking. (Maybe that's why I don't get any animals.) I also like to have a drink at the end of the day, but definitely no smokers. I've hunted in CO for several years and know a few good spots, have my own truck, 4-wheeler, guns/ammo. etc. Looking for someone in a similar situation. Please be in good shape, similar in age, married (I don't want to hear wife bashing stories every night in camp), and have your own gear. I live outside of Denver, CO, hopefully you do to.

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Re: CO hunting partner wanted


Good luck on your search and your hunting seasons this year. Hopefully you bring one home this year. Yes

Your pictures did not show up. Give it another go. Big smile

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Re: CO hunting partner wanted

Do you bow hunt?
could be there is room in our group,
need to talk it over with the others.

we're flatlanders "Iowa".
been doing it 18 years.

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Alex, I know this is an old post, but I have been trying to pair up for safety and to hunt longer. Let me know if you want to talk further. Rich

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CO hunting partner

Hi Alex,

I'm kind of in the same situation.  I've only lived in CO for about two years but I've been an outdoorsman my whole life.  I've made some friends since I moved here but none that are really devoted to planning a successful hunt.  What are your plans for this year?


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i live in gilpin county.  i

i live in gilpin county.  i scout every week.  i know gmu29 and 38 like back of my hand.   jumped 6point, and 4 point yest.  see herd daily.

. like to hunt them if you have a license would help. 

also know 54 and 55 real well, had property up lost canyon and like to hunt there but alas no leftovers. 

i hunt alone mostly but would be up for some help if right situation

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