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Ex bio, I put in 2 yrs in a row in NM and got drawn both times, that's a good backup,I think it was a lot easier walkin down there. I'm not discouraged ,just have to hunt a little harder. I did buy a small pair of swarovski a few years back, they are only 10x25 dut they are comfortable and easy to stare through for a long time.Do I have much of a chance at elk in the west elk? Do the horn hunters go way back in the wilderness area, I guess they probably do that's a pretty big sport out there now isn't it? As for your dad,it would be nice if the agencies set aside some kind of senior wilderness hunts that they could have some type of 4 wheeler access. I'm sure there are at least 2 sides to that story 2. I can understand his discouragement with the agencies.Thanks again

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Walkin they usually do not find a lot of elk where they find the deer, but last year they were sitting in the road on there atv's (eating lunch) and a 5 point bull ran right across the road in front of them. From what they tell me there are quite a few elk there and even a few decent ones. It's nice to have both tags in your pocket just in case, but as for me I try not to hunt both at the same time. It sounds to me like your trying to find a great buck and you will probably be passing up decent bucks, in my experiences when you are doing this type of hunt it will probably come down to the last day and last hour.

I think antler hunting is bigger in the spring then spring turkey hunting. It has truely almost gotten out of hand. Guys chasing deer with there atv's trying to get there antlers to fall off and on the Uncompahgre guys to lazy to get off there machines and riding EVERYWHERE trying to beat the other guys to antlers.

As for the binos, I personally would buy a set of 10x42's or 10x50's to pick apart the terrain a little better and keep you eyes from getting tired. It's tough picking a buck out of thick Oak Brush or even tall Sagebrush, your looking for a piece of antler or just a small piece of the deer. Good luck and good hunting !