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CO to get 8 feet of snow?!

I could not believe it when I saw the forecast on the news, but we are supposed to get up to 8 feet of snow in certain parts of the state. He even made it a point to mention that there is a chance that areas will see more than 8 feet! That is scary and it does not bode well for our deer herds. I need to look up a more detailed forecast online to see what mtn. ranges are going to get hit the hardest.

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Could be worse Hawkeye.  Part

Could be worse Hawkeye.  Part of the Sierras in central California, near Mammoth, were expected to get upwards of 15 FEET when all said and done the last 5 days.

Don't know what exactly they ended up with, but I am sure it wasn't good. 

I have never seen so much rain in a 5 day period as I have this week.  Finally saw stars when leaving for work this morning.

We need it though.  Just sucks that it was while my parents were in town, and had to cancel a trip to Disneyland with everyone.

Oh well, always next year, right?

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