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CO fall turkey...

I was fortunate enough to arrow a 5X5 bull elk early in archery, so I picked up a fall turkey tag. Went out yesterday where I shot my spring turkey and didn't see anything (or fresh sign)...
Anybody having luck with the fall turkeys?

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CO fall turkey...

I did the same thing after harvesting my buck with my muzzleloader (the only license I had). The next day I harvested my turkey with a head shot from my .50 cal ;) Had been seeing lots of turkeys in the area so I knew it would be a sure thing.

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CO fall turkey...

I chased toms all over south Republican SWA before finally settling for a hen on the last day I could try for them!

Cooked half of her at pronghorn camp a couple fo days later! MMMM! Fresh turkey!

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CO fall turkey...

Damn Heavy... send me a turkey leg through the computer. Us poor college kids need to eat too! Nice work.

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