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CO elk results are up.

It's official, I was unsucessful.


Draw SpeciesDraw ResultsYou will be mailedPref Pts
(Pre Draw)Weighted
(Pre Draw)Draw

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Leftover Draw?

Future reference, if you decide not to get a refund immediately you get to have first crack at the leftover draw.  Otherwise you wait until Leftover Day and OTC tags.


Also given your handle, did you put in for something you knew you couldn't draw, hoped you could draw, or figured you'd draw?  Did you have a full understanding of the draw odds and how the draw and application process works, especially in regards to 2nd, 3rd or 4th choice?  Or did you want just your first choice or nothing in the draw?

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Thanks for the advice.

I figured I'd go OTC if not drawn, thats what i will do.  Both units I put in for could be drawn with zero points.  I thought I had a chance of drawing my third choice, but was not sure.  According to Monster Muley everyone who put down unit 65 as their 1st choice got drawn with zero points.  So I figured I had a shot. 

My 2nd choice could only be drawn if less people applied since only about half drew the unit with zero points last year.  So I knew that was a long shot.  In the end I got a point, so I will put in for a muzzleload hunt if I can find one in SW CO that I can draw with 1 point. 

I was also hoping I would get drawn here in NM since the new law improved the odds for residents, in which case I would have turned in my CO tag. 

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Just so you know for the

Just so you know for the future. Points only come into play for a 1st choice. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th choices are all random draws. You could get it with 0 points, and someone with 10 points couldn't.

I mention this , because some guys think their points carry over to 2nd picks.

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