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CO Cow hunt

I am looking for any information I can get on unit 15 and 131. Was thinking about hunting 2nd season in 214, but just found out there are no cow tags left. I have hunted alot north of steamboat and figured since there are tags left for the units south of town I might give it a try.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. I was out there for archery with no luck, now I am just looking to put meat in the freezer.


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Archeryelk, cannot help you

Archeryelk, cannot help you on 131 but hunted 15 several years back during 2/3rd season. The place gets pretty packed especially in the Gore Pass area off of CO HWY 134. We hunted north of 134 in an area near Lynx Camp Ground off CO RD 16/18. We usually saw elk but also had to push thru pretty good snows falls. Hunting pressure was lighter up in that area but expect to see some folks. Hope that helps you some.  

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Go for 15 or maybe 27

Unit 131 is mostly private and public access is tough.  If you're will to pay a trespass fee, you may be able to find some land to hunt.

Unit 15 gets a lot of pressure during 2nd and 3rd seasons.  I would suggest looking at the southern section of the unit for those seasons.  Thomas and Ammons creeks would be a good place to start.  But both of those areas will be kind of crowded.  Although I've never hunted it, I'm told French creek is a reasonable area in the later seasons too.  More hiking with French creek, but that will also help to thin out some of the hunting pressure.

Don't know if there are leftover tags still available, but Unit 27 would be worth looking at too.  This unit lies due East of unit 15 (on the other side of road 100, basically) and gets a lot of elk pushed into it from the hunting pressure in unit 15.  You'll want to hunt on the large tract of state trust land that borders the private land on the Eastern side of the unit.  This unit gets a lot of pressure too, so not sure if you gain much by hunting here versus unit 15.  Just another option that is worth considering.


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