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CO Archery Elk Season

Alpine archer,
About what elevation were you finding the elk at? Thanks.

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Well I wrapped up this season without getting my bull again this year. The last weekend was full of encounters. We saw 2 different heards on the same ridge they've been on. The smaller heard was 1 bull and 8 or 9 cows. The 2nd heard we saw was the heard with the big 6x6 we saw earlier and 2 bulls that were shooters with about 9 cows with them.

We got withing 100 yards of the cows on saturday evening and the bulls were screaming at us but it got dark on us fast. I'll post some more pictures of the season later on. I've been slammed with work because all the time i have taked off work.

As for your question we were seeing most of the elk down low at around 9000ft. We had a small cold spurt and some snow which made them come down but its warming up and the elk are headed back up a bit from what i can tell. They were bedding in some heavy timber that was very steep.

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