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CO 7/8/9/19/191

New to the early muzzleloader and archery seasons and have never hunted any of these units. I fish in these areas some and have seen a few deer poking around but never elk. Anyone have any ideas they would be willing to share? Application is in but no news on the draw, obviously.

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Muzzy or Archery 7,8,9,19,191

I have grown up hunting and fishing this area for many years; with that being said I have a few spots I might be willing to share. I would say if you put in for the tags correctly you should have a very good chance at drawing a tag. I have been a member here for a while, and have been out of the game for several years because of 3 back surgeries over the past three years. I am just getting warmed up again, but it has been long enough I had forgot my old passwords and log in info, but there is a lot of info posted if you dig back 3-6 years or so on all the units you wrote about (if the database stores that long). If you have a general area you have interest in I would be happy to give some suggestions. Instead of me writing about all of these areas because trust me you would likely not be the only one to consider going there. As I had said some time has passed, and a moderator here (knowledgable) had posted a few of my past money spots in the areas you speak... needless to say I will not be going back. It becomes disheartining when you have hunted for over a decade to find these areas to hunt to have people throw maps on here for the whole world to see. One mans trash may be another mans treasure! These units have been a work in progress for a while, but there are a few areas for some decent deer and elk!


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DM00701M tag

I just found out that I drew a muzzleloader buck tag for 7,8,9,19,191 as a second choice.  I have not seen many big bucks there in the past, but I have taken several does and one small buck over the years (mostly in 191).  If anyone knows of place which needs to be thinned out a bit I would appreciate it.  Just looking to fill my tag.  Thanks!