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CO 18

So anyone have an Idea where those damn elk went? I went scouting out in CO 18 a week before Archery season start and saw two sizable herds, yet opening day they were nowhere to be found. I hiked all morning and afternoon through the creek beds and thick timber and didnt see or hear anyhting. of course getting up there a day before the season started i saw plenty of deer, but no elk. did the heat drive them up to the high meadows?

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co 18

You got me man...at least you saw some elk last weekend.  I was up there last weekend and this weekend too...haven't seen an elk yet.  I saw some deer down low last weekend but hunted pretty high this weekend and didn't see any elk.  Saw some fairly fresh sign but couldn't spot em.  What area are you hunting?  I've scouted a few different places this year.  You can PM me if you'd like.  Won't be able to hunt next weekend but should be up the following weekend.  I'm not too worried about missing next weekend though unless the weather changes some, I think it's too hot to get much movement and it seems like the dark timber in 18 is full of forage with the beetle kill.  I didn't hear any talking yet either, cows or bulls.

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Not familiar with that area,

Not familiar with that area, but I wanted to say welcome to the site, to both of you!

Stick around, and make sure to throw up some success stories and photos!

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Whats up guys. I have been

Whats up guys. I have been hunting 18 as well.  I was in for 3 days opening weekend.  It seemed to me the sign was mostly 9500+.  Saw 1 cow, heard a few bugles each day but rarely during daylight.  I too saw a ton of deer.  Check out my gallery if you want to see pics of the gmu18 Shiras bull I ran into.  

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I have hunted that area in

I have hunted that area in the past, and I would suggest going high this time of year. That's a pretty popular area, the elk know it so they move around a lot and stay pretty high up until the snow starts to fall. There are a couple areas that are good place to start, but I can't tell you where those are unless I had a map in front of me. When I have some time I will take a look and see if I can point you in the right direction.