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Opponents of Nevada’s first black bear hunt have filed a petition with the U.S. Department of Interior in effort to list Nevada’s bears as a “distinct species” under the Endangered Species Act.

Joined by the wildlife advocacy group Big Wildlife, NoBearHuntNV.org hopes to have the government formally find that bears existing in the Carson, Sweetwater, Pine Nut and Wassuk ranges are a unique population. They call the bears the “Sky Island” black bear population.

Kathryn Bricker, executive director of NoBearHuntNV, said Gov. Brian Sandoval is allowing the Nevada Wildlife Commission to “be run like a private hunting club.” The group has presented the governor’s office with 15,000 petition signatures and other statements of opposition to the hunt.

Critics say the hunt will have a “critical impact” on an already-stressed bear population.

Seven bears have been killed since the hunting season commenced Aug. 20. A maximum of 20, no more than six of them female, can be killed during a season ending in late December. The wildlife commission is scheduled to meet Sept. 23-24 in Reno to determine whether the bear hunt should be made permanent.

Nevada Department of Wildlife spokesman Chris Healy said he’s doubtful the petition will be granted under established guidelines of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

"It just doesn't meet any of the criteria," Healy said. "Just because there's a line on a map doesn't make something a distinct population."

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These people, in this case,

These people, in this case, the bear hunting opponents, will stop at nothing.  They will try to throw any roadblock they can in front of this.

Unfortunately for them, they have no leg to stand on.  Hunters and conservationists are the ones with the scientific proof on their sides.  Good game management is the way of the times now.  We don't want to hunt animals to extinction or anything like that.  A good, healthy bear population will result from this management.

I wish they would sit back and let it take it's course, but I don't think that's going to happen any time soon.

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They are truly clueless but I

They are truly clueless but I would guess that this shows they ran out of ideas to try and stop it and this is the best they could come up with. 

I'm a little surprised that only 7 bears have been taken so far as it's been nearly a month since the hunt started. I would have thought they would fill up much more quickley since they had necer been hunted before.

Hopefully the hunts will continue and management goals will all be met.

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Clueless is right, Anti's and

Clueless is right, Anti's and animal rights folks will stop at nothing to stop all hunting regardless of the fact it is good for the wildlife and nature itself. Sure hope some liberal judge does not do a temp hold on the hunt until the court can figure it out. IMO, just like the wolves and grizzlies, this should be a state wildlife topic, not a court case.

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NV Bear Hunt is Permanent

The latest news on this new bear season is that is is going to be a annual hunt, permanently as long as bear populations support the hunting.  That means the season will be be based on biological and scientific criteria and not emotional, self serving rhetoric.

A 700 lb bear was shot between Carson City & Lake Tahoe a couple of weeks ago.  I heard that the anti-hunt crowd held a candle light vigil for the critters passing.  No reports on any vigils held for the fawns, sheep, pet poodles and garbage cans that were consumed in the making of a 700 lb bear.

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to bad its next to impossable to get a tag, i see black bears on a reguler basis wood cuttin the back side of peivin and mt rose, a few are monsters......dam these people are rediculus, i talk so highly of nevada i dint even think we had these libral hippi nut jobs in this state, well in all honesty they are probly from the tahoe area makin them californians, that is beliveable. Whistling

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These groups are just

These groups are just rediculous. Like someone else said they have no scientfic proof of anything just personal feelings a beleafs. It has been proven that with sound conservation animals can and usually do thrive. If the anti's had it there way there would not be any hunting or houses or human population what so ever. What these idiots don't understand is that humans have been around for as long as most of these animals and we have hunted them since then too. I feel these people need to actually look at some proven data instead of just speaking from there a$$es. Good for Nevada to make this a permanite hunt. I'm sure if they find the bear population can't handle it anymore it will change.

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