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Clothing Suggestions

Hello there.  I'm new to the forum, but it isn't my first hunting experience, and I have a couple of hunts under my belt. Be that as it may, I have never really had any assistance in properly suiting up for the harsh elements of winter, and used my common sense to the best of my ability.  My usual garb is a top & bottom set of Thermal underwear, long pants, with a pair of sweat pants over the lower half.  My top half consisted of the top portion of the Thermal underwear, followed by a couple of long shirts, a sweater, followed by a heat-reflective coat. Thinulate lined glove with the removable(backwards cloth hinge) finger covers. My head consisted of 2 sock hats. The inner one a Grey color(And thick), and the outer one the Traditional "Hunter Orange" color. All was washed in the DDW scent remover.

Now while I was warm for a while, The temperatures were in the Negatives, and much to my chagrin, I was only able to stay out there for 3 hours a day(early morning).

Can anyone offer some advice on what might be a decent kind of Coverall for the occassion, or how to stay warmer longer up the tree?

EDIT:Forgot to mention that I reside in Indiana, if any of you know about the Sporatic weather here.

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