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Close encounters

Had some good hunting this last weeekend but was unable to get a shot. As many of you know I moved back to Idaho. Started hunting with my old man again who taught me everything I know. It was great but he can't get around like he used due to his heart. He has resorted to sitting watering holes. Unfourtenely for us our honey hole of a water hole was not being hit this year due to large amounts of rain and wolfs. It looked like spring again there was so much green grass. I almost had a spike opeing weekend in the rain but the wind killed me when I was only 20 yards away and about to take the shot.

This last weekend my dad decided to hike some hills with me against my advice. We hiked up pretty high. I spotted two bulls below us and convinced my dad to call for me. I had it set up perfectly. They would walk right through a park I was sitting on to get to the saddle my dad was calling from. Well after about 10 minutes of cow calls they got up and started coming up. I could here them in the thick brush. To my surprise instead of one of the bulls I had seen showing up a really big 5x5 showed up. I had him at 20 yards but he need to walk another 10 ft to get to the opening for me to have a shot. My bad luck though. My dad had a cold or some kind of allergies and he couldn't hold it back anymore. He started coughing and the bull stuck his head up and decided that was no elk. He didn't spook to bad about 10 yards and walked out of there. I'm assuming becuase the wind was in our favor. I wasn't mad at my dad but it was disappointing. I almost shot a different 5x5 on a ridge 30 minutes later. I kept trying to cut him off while he fed down a ridge but every time I got ahead of him and set up he was always just out of range or the vitals were covered. He new I was there but couldn't figure me out. He decided to circle above me to smell me. I knew what he was doing so when he went behind the little hill I ran uphill to try to close the distance. I crouched low and drew back, I had him at 40 yards but because of the slant of the hill his vitals were covered. Of course a few seconds later he had my sent and took off. It was an exciting evening and we did get to hear the herd bull bugle a few times. He has plenty of sattelite bulls in the area. I'm going up the last weekend of Sept. hopefully my luck will be a little better.

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Chasing those animals with a

Chasing those animals with a stick and string can be quite flustrating at times when you are trying to put a stalk on one over sitting in a blind and ambushing them.  I also know how your dad must feel.  All I can say is "been there done that" 

The fun part is just being able to get after them like you are, that is the way that I used to do it 20 years ago.  Now it is a rifle, muzzle loader, or a ground blind for me. 

Good luck on the rest of the season and stick one good.

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Just getting back from ML

Just getting back from ML season so a little late. Cool story and hope you do well this coming weekend.

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