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Cloning Kitty

I think I'm going to go into the cat cloning business. Should be a high margin business if I can just find enough cats that look similar.

Cat Cloing Client: Doctor this is not a clone of my cat!

Dr. Bitmasher: No mama, this is most certainly a clone of your deceased kitty. It is scientifically proven that cloned cats don't look identical.


At any rate, thought it was interesting that HSUS went on record to say cloning pets is bad.

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Cloning Kitty

Yes, I paid $10,000 to have my dear departed Fluffy cloned so she'll stay by my side. Of course, the clone doesn't look anything like fluffy or act anything like her either. But even though she appears to be a completely different cat, the fact that she's genetically identical to Fluffy makes her SO much better than one I might've picked up at the pound.

At least, that's what I'd say if I spent ten grand on a cat.

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