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Is Clearfield County, PA a good place to hunt bear?

Hey ADKBear

We have 40 acres up in clearfield county, PA and were thinking about going up there for bear this year but we haven't gone up there to hunt bear in 4 years. People keep saying its so good up there. Should we go up there this year and if so any specific area we should go to? Think


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Re: Is Clearfield County, PA a good place to hunt bear?

JW here!
I have a freind who owns 36 acres as well, They are located somewhere near a Power Plant in Clearfeid alond a river. I was up there last year to turkey hunt, and saw a large black bear on the back side of his property. But the club does not let you hunt bears and or deer during these seasons.
Out side of SGL in PA, is there anyone who allows public hunting on there lands in Clearfeild? I am a certified HTE Instructor for the PGC and reside in Adams , Co., and my hunting partner is my son who is 19.
If there is anyone who wood allow us to hunt on their land, they can be asured we will respect the land, and follow the landowners rules and regulations he or she sets forth. Let me know, the season is repidly approching. Think

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Is Clearfield County, PA a good place to hunt bear?

Well clearfield county is close to clinton county and clinton county is really good there is tons of state forest and state game lands in northcentral pa. I am sure there is plenty of places to hunt in clearfield as well. Look up on PA commision's website and look for state game lands maps. You can also go through the furbearers page and read what the game commision officers say about the quality of game in certain areas.

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