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Cleaning your BP Revolver the easy way

A while back I had been using these and never took pictures. So here we go! Birchwood Casey Swauber Applicators. They are nice and snug inside my Traditions 1860 Army .44cal and I can FULLY clean the cylinder, inside and out with the swauber. Remove the nipples and you can get all inside of the cut out ( Use Q tip for the nipple threads inside the cylinder) and the cylinder is completely cleaned. When it comes time to dry and oil, Use a fresh swauber to get it done fast and easy.

For getting inside the barrel where rammer is, along with the wedge key, the swauber easily gets inside there snugly and gets it fully clean. I wish had I found these years ago when I had my first .44cal BP Revolver.

They also work excellent in my brothers 1851 Navy .36cal revolver. Nice and snug, they catch all the fouling and swab it away.

If you use products like bore butter or frog lube, heat the metal up, apply a small amount to a fresh clean swauber and lube all the parts properly.

To get your moneys worth, wash the main cleaner swauber with hot soapy water, hang dry it and with a magic marker, use sandwitch bags and label each swauber so you don't waste them on just one cleaning!
I wish they made them long enough to reach completely through my 1860's 8" barrel![/b]

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