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Cleaning between shots

Just trying to get a feel fro the different methods people use for cleaning between shots at the range. What has been found to be most effective? One method that I heard that sounds interesting is for a 50 cal gun is to take a 45 cal bronze brush and wrap a TC seasoning patch around it. Then scrub the barrel until you feel the fouling is gone (~20 strokes) then repeat with a dry patch. Any basis for this method?

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Cleaning between shots

Hummmm Think
never heard of that one.
I just use soapy water after every 3 shot group.
Wet a patch, drag it thru a few times and then push/pull a dry one.

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Cleaning between shots

What I use is a 4:1 water to balistoil mix and wet a patch down the barrel and then with the dry patch every time to keep everything consistant.
If you can't find balistiol than you can use cutting oil non petrol.

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Cleaning between shots

I spray a patch with EZ Clean and run it through once after every shot - but I think I'm the only guy on earth who prefers pyrodex to 777 or other, newer substitutes.

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Cleaning between shots

With my T/C Omega shooting pyrodex and sabots, I spit patch between shots in the most literal sense of the term. I actually spit on a patch and swab the bore, followed by a dry patch. My MZ shoots fantastic, so I guess it works, even if it isn't pretty and occasionally gets and odd look.

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Cleaning between shots

At the range I do the same as cmb3366 in my encore 50 because that is all you have time for in the field. just a damp patch is all it takes to knock the crud ring for the next shot.

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Cleaning between shots

Ditto for me, although i sub out a bit of bore cleaner for spit. just enough to get the patch damp, give it a swap then run a patch to dry it out, then load and fire. I do this every other shot and have magnificent groups. I shoot a 50 cal Remington Genesis.

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Cleaning between shots

In most cases I hunt with a trad. sidelock perc. rifle, a Traditions Hawken Woodsman cal.50 with stainlessbarrel. I use conicals or PRB and don't clean between the shots, but I always load a spittled overpowder wad. That is similar to cleaning and makes laoding easy.



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Cleaning between shots

Yes I've tried your method and it works fine for me in the field after every 3 shots. I use the TC stuff. When I get home it gets the soapy water and lots of bore butter.

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