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City Park Hunt and the Anti's

There is a deer eradication program planned for a park in Johnson county Kansas to reduce deer numbers. Both sharp shooters and bow hunters will be used. This has brought out the anti-hunting groups including a new one. I attached a link to their site so you can see the BS they are spewing.


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City Park Hunt and the Anti's

Simpletons is what Grammy Galloway called people like that.
I got thru my disgust at these peoples ignorance and tried to leave a comment on their article but, wouldn't you know it, the comments on all the displayed articles, were closed.

I guess they have never considered the agony that a starving and diseased deer must go thru while being torn apart and eaten alive by coyotes when the area becomes over populated and can no longer support the numbers of deer that reside there.


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City Park Hunt and the Anti's

Grammy Galloway was a wise women.

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