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christmas present

greetings everyone. need some advice on a present for my son for christmas. would like to buy him a new bow/package and am open for suggestions. figured a complete hunting package would be the way to go so he's ready to go when the time comes and if he has the time he can make any changes for accessories as he see's fit afterward. just measured 27' for a draw length and i kind of have it narrowed to a few models with the bowtech tomkat or justice and a Mathews LD topping out the list because of the generous brace heights of 8.5 - 9". he's good for 50- 60 lbs right now and getting stronger (16 yrs old). 6ft tall. 180 lbs. am not opposed to used and if anyone knows of an outlet for used bows let me know. as time is short and the big day is close at hand, i sure need some tips quick.

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christmas present

May be something used of interest here:


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