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Choosing Scope Mounts & Rings.

What mounts & rings do you think are best ?

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Choosing Scope Mounts & Rings.

That's a pretty broad question. Best for what? What type of scope are you using? What type of shooting do you do? Hunting, competition target, military/LE sniping?

I've always had good luck and been happy with standard milled steel Leupold bases and rings, and thats what I have on most of my hunting rifles. Although one of my rifles has Weaver rings and mounts. Personally I think shooters place way too much emphisis on rings and mounts, and spend way too much money on them than they really need to.

I have a friend who bougth some aluminum Leupold Rifleman rings and mounts to go with his Rifleman scope a couple years ago. He said they were pretty inexpensive and he hasn't had any problems with them at all.

Avoid detachables on anything but a safari rifle. If used on a long range hunting rifle, you'll be resetting your zero all the time.

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Choosing Scope Mounts & Rings.

i've always perferred standard weaver bases and rings....got them on all my rifles including the magnums....never had a problem! i personally dont see any sense in paying for expensive ones

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Choosing Scope Mounts & Rings.

My deer rifles use Weaver style bases and Burris Signature Zee rings. My target rifles and used to be safari rifle use Ken Farrell rings and bases.

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Choosing Scope Mounts & Rings.

Hunting rifles, weaver bases and rings. Target rifle, Leupold one piece base and Leupold rings.

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