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Choosing and Using Blinds and Stands (feature article)

April 2007 Feature Article:

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Choosing and Using Blinds and Stands

Blinds and tree stands are all the rage with today's hunter. Used for almost all big game species, ground blinds and tree stands, not to mention freestanding hides are huge on the deer hunting scene. These portable structures are the cats meow. All sorts of blinds allow us to essentially vanish inside a tent or box-like structure. Stands allow us to hunt at an elevation less easily recognized by game.

Ground blinds are becoming very popular. Manufacturers catering to the discerning hunter offer a bevy of different designs. Most are the pop-up portable style, but some are so elaborate that they take some doing to get them in place. Today's blinds are camouflaged to allow the hunter to virtually disappear. Some are even constructed of scent-elimination materials thereby masking human odor. Read more...

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