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choose me a crossbow

I'm new to the archery side of hunting and looking for a crossbow, here is the criteria, I'll be hunting whitetail and turkey's with it and price isn't a big factor but I'd like something that's good value, I don't put much value in fancy graphics etc..., but I don't want to be looking for another one in 2 years.

Any opinions are appreciated

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choose me a crossbow

Personally, I have tried several different makes and my choice is the crossbows made by Ten Point.

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choose me a crossbow

Try looking at an Excalibre Great bows very forgiving I dry fired mine a coupla times without it flining apart like a compund would. And deadly acurate Thumbs up Thumbs up Ive taken Three deer and a Fisher with it.
Look at http://www.excaliber.ca

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