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Cheek Pieces

Can anyone explain the various styles of cheek pieces. I've seen different ones advertised, for example, rollover cheek piece, but I've been unable to find an explanation on them.

How do they affect the shooter? Some don't have any so when would one want one?

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Cheek Pieces

They line your eye even with the scope providing a proper cheek wield (no scope shadow or "chin wield"). A cheap vesion is foam mat and 100 mph tape. Cost about $3.00. If you take it off clean ups a snap with rubbing alcohol. USMC and Army Snipers have been using this for years until they went to adjustable stocks. Hope this helps.

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Cheek Pieces

To extend a bit on what Remington wrote. How you cheek to a rifle seems to break down into three areas by my logic.

1.) Comfort. You just like the height, feel, whatever of the cheek piece.

2.) Mechanics. You need to elevate the comb in order to correctly align your eye with the exit pupil of that brand new 50+ mm objective scope mounted on high or extra-high rings.

3.) Parallax. Closely related to #2. On a scope that has a power greater than 9-10 power parallax has a large effect, especially when shooting further. Parallax is the apparent movement of a static target, when the reticle is motionless and your simply moving around your eye alignment with the exit pupil. Parallax, especially on high magnification scopes is a huge issue. The only way to negate the effects of parallax is simply to make sure that you cheek up to the gun consistently every time. A good cheek piece should promote better cheek weld and consistency from shot to shot. An AO scope helps to zero out parallax at a given distance, but the bigger issue is consistent cheek weld.