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changing caliber/barrel

i figure this could be done but i figured id ask to satisfy my curiosity. my wifes uncle is bringing a 25y06 by 2morrow for me to check out with a scope and custom stock with cheek pc. 3504 is the price so thats not to bad. im really looking for something with more bang but i beleive this gun should be able to drop a deer this year. my question is. if i like the layout of this gun. but want to up the caliber can i put a differant barrel on it. say a 30y06 or .308. if i cant then its fine. ill just put the gun back for my sons to use when they get older. hopefully with income tax i can get the left handed ruger m77 hawkeye with the matte stainless steel barrel ive been eye  balling but at this point in time its about 400 dollars more than i can afford.

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A 25-06 is a fine round for

A 25-06 is a fine round for deer and even elk if the proper bullet is used.  As far as replacing the barrel, yes it can be done but it really needs to be done by a competent gunsmith. 

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action and barrel

I would take into consideration the action length when re-chambering.  In other words don't rechamber a rifle for a long action cartridge if the rifles action was originally a short action.  Will have a problem with ejection.

I also would not want a long action rechambered (re-barreled) with a shorter cartridge.

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just buy another rifle

Unless you are totally sold on your uncles custom job, you can buy a new rifle for less than the cost of a rebarreling job.  And then  you'd have two rifles.


Since you're obviously new, don't get caught up in all this ballistic gack by guys like myself straining to get that extra few fps.  A .25-06 is a marvelous deer round and I've been considering buying one for myself as an antelope and deer gun.

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25/06 now, 30/06 later

As has already been mentioned, you'd likely be able to rebarrel your "new" rifle in something a bit bigger than the 25/06, but the cost of doing so might make that a moot point. Again, as already mentioned, the 25/06 is a very fine deer round and loaded with proper bullets will kill any CXP2 game that's out there at most any practical range as well.

I'd give the rifle a shot as it is now (pun intended...lol) and then perhaps add a Ruger in big brother, 30/06 later on. A two gun big game battery for most all North American big game could be a whole lot worse than having a 25/06 & 30/06. Yes


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