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Changes in KS Deer Permits

The proposed changes are a big improvement, compared to what was originally proposed. No OTC NR tags, and No T-Tags, is a big step in the right direction. I don't support the change of the early ML either, from a Archery or ML hunter standpoint. IMO, it's much easier patterning bucks in early Sept, than early Oct. Maybe the weather isn't as nice but hey, that's hunting. I'd gladly trade the 1st two weeks of Oct. for the early ML season; if that was even an option.

The only hidden agenda I see though, is that even with NR tags being strictly Draw in 2008, they are still going to raise the NR quota's, not less than 10%, but not over 50%. And History has shown us that Hayden has almost always went for the max in regards to raising quota's, in his support of commercialization. So even though the proposed changes sound good, there are still some major bugs we need to work on still. And as long as Hayden is in office, there will always be a fight... Residents & Wildlife -vs- Hayden & Commercialization.

Just my .02

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Changes in KS Deer Permits

whoever is managing ohio deer hunting needs to take over in kansas. ohio has one deer tag, good from sept 30 to feb 3rd. same tag no matter what the weapon. but gun season is only 10 days with and additional 4 days of muzzle-loader later on. in each season, you can always use a bow. and the limits are generous... man i miss those days... 3 deer a year... now it's 7 deer a year limit, i'm going back in october for some pre-rut action... i just may kill 7.

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Changes in KS Deer Permits

I will tell you, moving here from NC back in 2005 and I was lost when I went to buy a license. In NC you pay one price for a license that got you 4 - 6 deer, 1 pig, 2 turkeys and a bear. And you just used the weapon authorized for the season that was open. PA, where I grew up was similiar in that you had a deer license/tag and if you want to muzzy or bow hunt you bought the appropriate stamp in addition to the deer tag. Glad it may be better come in 2008.

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Changes in KS Deer Permits

Definitely can get a little confusing, we'll have to see how much easier it gets.

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