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Chambering problems in my Browning BLR .308

I am having a few problems loading a round into the breach of my BLR.

Re-loads, that are full resized or even when I try chambering just the resized case.

The rifle is about 7 months old. The barrel was shot-in over 2 sessions at a range, using Remmington and Winchester factory rounds in 150grs.

Have even tried re-triming the case lengths ... ???

I have tried chambering my re-loads into my mates .308 ... no worries with them, ( Bolt Action not a lever) but the same rounds won't fully load into my BLR ???

Not a hope of his re-loads fitting into my rifle.

This is my first lever action and I discovered this little problem in the middle of a mob pigs. Yep, I was not a happy chappy that morning.

So now, I am trying to sort this problem out. Anybody have a similar situation or have any suggestions ???

Hopefully I don't have to send it back to the importer, (I live in Queensland, Australia) as I have heard that they take forever to even get in touch with you.





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Reloading for a lever action

Reloading for a lever action and a semi automatic can be quite a handful at times in trying to get the case just right.  The action just doesn't have the mechanical advantage that a bolt action rifle has to push the case into the chamber.  Since you are not having any problems with factory rounds I would suggest for you to try a small base reloading die. 


Also you might try turning the necks down after sizing them.

As far as sending it back to the importer/factory I doubt that it would do any good since they do not recommend for you to use reloaded ammo and it chambers factory rounds just fine.   

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Hey Critter, thanks for the

Hey Critter, thanks for the come back, mate ...

I picked-up a little bit of information regarding a " Small Base Re-loading Die " in another forum. Hopefully that will sort out my little problem, have not had that piece of info form anybody here.

Tried loading some of the re-loads into a mate's Sako .308 last night, they were a touch tight but locked the bolt alright.

Guess I'll have to agree with you on the, trip back to the importers. Over here they would most likely say, Go but factory !

Hope it dosen't come to that, they cost us about $1.10 -1.35 a round here.

Mate, thanks again for the reply, I'll keep you informed on the out come.



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defintely a sizing problem

This defintely sounds like a sizing problem, it seems that the chamber in your rifle is tighter than your dies are sizing down to.  Please keep us posted as you figure out the solution, but it seems to me that you are on the right track now.  Good luck! Thumbs up

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Had the same problem with 1 i

Had the same problem with 1 i had a few years back ,got to the stage i had to cycle every round thru just to be sure they would didnt matter wether they were reloads or factories there would always be a few that wouldnt ,loved that gun but i just didnt feel confident with it even though i shot a few sambar with it .But after a very dangerous near miss checking some ammo  i got rid of it,my mate had similar problems with his to.

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