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Ceska 550 Safari Magnum

I have a Ceska 550 Safari Magnum in 458 Lott. What do you think about rifle and cartridge?.


My name is David and live in Madrid (Spain).


Thank you,



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Ceska = CZ in North

Ceska = CZ in North America

Its a good rifle, CZ uses good steel and the wood on some of the 550's can be superb.  The 458 Lott is mostly a dangerous game cartridge.  Hunting with it is ridiculous owing to the stupendous recoil and the jaw dropping cost of ammo.  Maybe ammo is cheaper in Spain, but its still going to knock your socks off regardless of what continent you hail from....

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Love the rifle, as I own a similar one a CZ 550 FS in 9.3x62. Well made guns and one of the nicer copies of the venerable M98 action, without a doubt. Good luck with yours and if it shoots as well as mine, you will be a very happy camper!! Thumbs up

The bottom gun here, below another CZ 550 FS in 6.5x55.


CZ 550s 6.5 top, 9.3 bottom.jpg
CZ 550s 6.5 top, 9.3 bottom.jpg38.03 KB
CZ 550 FS 9.3x62.jpg
CZ 550 FS 9.3x62.jpg50.87 KB

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