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Cerberus Capital Management

While you may not know this name (or perhaps you do) they probably own a firearms company you recognize. In the last two years Cerberus has aquired either directly or indirectly:


Rumor has it Cerberus is on the prowl for a handgun manufacturer as well. They also own Chrysler. Rather a fascinating portfolio.

Any one have any speculation as to what they are up to? Some have speculated they are trying to develop a new military contract supplier, but that leaves me to wonder how Marlin figures into the picture other than for manufacturing power.

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Cerberus Capital Management

You can add Bushmaster to the list as well. Thumbs up

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Cerberus Capital Management

Same thing happened with Federal, CCI-Speer, and a few others in the small arms ammo business. All got aquired and are now owned by ATK a major manufacture of propellents and ammunition (big and small) to the military.

I'm really surprised that Remington hasn't really held any major DoD contracts for a few decades. In fact I think their last ammo contract was fulfilled during the Vietnam years. With the exception if supplying M700 actions to the Marine Corps, and to the Army to be used in building sniper rifles, they really haven't supplied much in terms of military arms and ammo in recent years. Personally I think we will see the day pretty soon when Remington is no longer a US manufacturer of firearms, but just an importer of foreign made guns. Hopefully their ammunition division will remain US made.

I doubt that Cerberus is looking to become a new military contract suppliers, but who knows. I think they are more in the business of a holding company. Growth by aquisition. FN Manufacturing, Beretta USA, and Colt Defense all seem to be able to meet the DoDs demands. While the DoD is constantly running experiments and testing various small arms from different makers for potential use, I have serious doubts that they will be replacing the current small arms used by our troops any time soon. Beretta just was awarded a new contract for M9 pistols, current M-16's continue to be upgraded, and old M-14's are even being dusted-off and put back into service.

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Cerberus Capital Management

Rem owns H&R too right ?

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Cerberus Capital Management

Marlin took over H&R a few years ago. Rem aquired Marlin so that would be a yes in a round about way.

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