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Census problems on western slope of Colorado

Front page news in the Denver Post today is about the problems census takers are having on the western slope of Colorado. They're blaming everything from marijuana fumes to right-wingers. Yup, the whole western slope has been labeled a bunch of right-wingers causing the census grief! They also describe our area as a "troublesome region".... nice!

Epic snowstorms. Oil-field man camps. Ski towns. Mountain roads. Pockets of immigrants. Suspicious right-wingers. Even medical-marijuana fumes.

In the local paper it was reported that census workers are given inaccurate maps and have gone so far as insisting that haystacks are structures, and insisting on inspecting for themselves. Many are getting stuck traveling on roads that are NOT maintained roads! It is mud season here, you know! eye roll

So... our government thinks they can run health care & they can't even count people!!! Duh

Come on November!!

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Re: Census problems on western slope of Colorado

It gets worse...there's a state legislator up here calling for getting rid of the electoral college. Maybe after "health care reform," "finance reform," "immigration reform," and "media reform," we'll get "election reform."

As far as the census goes, I've been seeing ads for it lately. I remember emphasis being placed on the census before, but not like this. It feels a lot like an ACORN community organizing kind of thing -- trying to drum up numbers for political purposes. It seems like the common thread running through the ads is that we need to get a good count in order to insure our state/community gets its "fair share" of money (our money) from the government. Not that it's our civic duty or anything -- it's all about feeding from the trough.

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Re: Census problems on western slope of Colorado

Election Reform? Hmm Think Sounds like one day soon we'll no longer have to decide individually who to vote for. We will be told who to vote for. lol Just think out all the fairness problems and inaccuacies this new election reform will solve for us.

Yeah those census commericals have really been bugging me. Where is all the money going that we have all been paying in taxes? The state is even taking back money from the public school system this year leading to major school budget cuts. Vehicle taxes going through the roof lately. Why is my state broke when more and more people are coming to Colorado and paying theses high taxes. Yeah right fill out your census so your state runned programs can get more funding. My state is mismanaging our money!