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Not really sure what credibility a special-ops background would bring to any of this, but if they want to throw that out there, then fine. Any idea exactly what her role in special-ops was?  There are many various roles within special-ops units, so not everyone is a tactical operator and truth be told special-ops members aren't going to be the best at primative survival techniques. I know for a fact that many there are many civilians who can out perform many members of elite special forces units in both endurance and wilderness survival skills. Where do you think many of these elite units turn to when they need to acquire these skills?  More often than not they are turning to the civilian world, particularly skills that have been kept alive by certain members of Native American tibes, for that stuff.

I agree though it was pretty neat whatthey can accomplish.  Not knocking the show, just know there is always a safety net with those shows for the cast members.

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  I agree with you


I agree with you WesternHunter on many civilians could outperform members of some elite special forces.  The person on the show that claims to have special-ops background was Manu Toigo.  According to her information she had participated previously in survivor training.  Her information included that she was in the Australian Army for 8 years and trained special ops for 2 years.  That was most likely intentionally the safety net... or that it only lasted for 10 days and with cameramen and crew always nearby... or both!



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