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Catestrophic failure?

Has anyone had an experience such as this?
I was going out for an afternoon-evening deer hunt, I had loaded my muzzleloader, set the hammer at half cocked, with a cap on, preparing to still hunt to my stand. I set the gun down on the back seat as I was putting my gloves on. I stood up to put the first glove on and the gun discharged, igniting the seat, blowing a hole through it and the wheelwell. The bullet was later found to have glanced off the tire itself. Later inspection of the rifle found a failure of the shear, (cracked straight through) that allowed the hammer to fall. The muzzleloader was never, to my knowledge, dropped or mishandled to cause this part failure. I was shaken. Thank God, it was only the seat with a hole in it.

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Catestrophic failure?

no I have never had such a problem and don't ever hope to.
thank god you all right and no one was hurt.
Thats why never trust a saftey and keep em pointed in a safe direction.

once agin thank god your all right.

what kinda gun did you have? Some type of side lock I assume

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Catestrophic failure?

Glad you are alright. Have never had it happen, but sure glad you shared that info.

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