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Cataract Lake CO

Has anyone hunting by Cataract Lake?  I went to check the spot out yesterday and it was a zoo.  Both parking lots were full.  Iturned around after seeing how many people there were.

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I have never been there but

I have never been there but if it's like most tourist spots in Colorado I wouldn't worry about it. I helped out with a early deer hunt on top of Independence pass a few years ago and my friends nephew took a real nice buck on opening morning. You should have seen the looks on the faces of all the hikers heading up the trail that afternoon as we were heading down with loaded packs and a nice set of antlers.

Most of those people will never leave the beaten trail to see what else is out there.

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Cataract lakes along with all the other lakes nearby and the network of trails gets a lot of heavy use with hikers and anglers in the summer months.  It used to be not widley known, but not any more.  Unfortunatley on that side of Hwy 9 there is too much easy access, a network of trails for hikers to use, hence the parking lots always seeming packed. Snow shoers, snow mobilers,  and x-country skiers also use that area frequently in the winter months. I stopped hunting there about a decade ago.  Unfortunately much of Colorado's backcountry is getting this way. 

So what to do about it?  Don't worry about it.  Use it to your advantage. As Hunter25 said earlier, none of these trail hikers are ever going to get very far off that trail. Even when I hunted in that area I never used those trails much anyway, especially when bring out an animal.  You should be to your hunting spot well before sunrise anyway, even when scouting, so you should encounter none of these hikers that early.

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