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Cascade Elk....

Anyone else have as poor time as me?....booooohooooooo
got out 2 days and saw nothing but tracks 'nd pellets Brick Wall,)

Oh well...here hoping others had better luck?

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Cascade Elk....

Spent 4 days, saw nothing, jumped two but never saw them. Tracks and piles every where, even saw a steaming pile. I'm convinced ODFG has got a scam going where they know there is no elk but tag and license sales lead them to hire hundreds to carry around sticks with elk prints at the bottom and they just stamp them everywhere. They must have a recipe for the droppings that they mix up and drop every where. Yup its either that or I'm just a really bad hunter, and there's no way that could be true. lol ah we had a good time though, went with my best buddy of almost 25 yrs that I see once a year now. Hit a torrential down poor on one day that lead us to stay in the camper and drink some whiskey and play chess.

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elk hunting 09

ya i went out for a couple days and seen cows and cows and thats about all but i got a big bull tag coming up so it will be nice then

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