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Cartoon Cowardice

I hope not to offend anyone with this response, regardless of religious affiliation, but as noted above in some of the other responses, the Muslim world's reaction is way out of line. I have noticed ever since 911, that the loudest Muslim voices seem much like the reaction of the Pharisees/scribes to Jesus' statements, calling them hypocrites. The Pharisees of course were much more concerned with the letter of the law and appearing more righteous than anyone else than actually living the spirit and meaning of the law, Paying tithing on herbs while foreclosing mortgages on widows and orphans comes to mind. Not washing hands before eating elicited some very strong comments and a very good response. Muslims seem more concerned about how the Koran is handled (don't let an infidel touch the book) than with actually living the teachings in the book, which are supposed to promote peace and tolerance. Expecting everyone else to adhere to Muslim traditions/taboos/superstitions, which may or may not even be in the Koran, is sadly more ignorant and bigoted than what the cartoonists did. If one finds something offensive, then don't look at it or boycott it by not buying some product. That is a reaonable and tolerant way of voicing displeasure with something. It is very sad to see the radical, bigoted fringe taking over all of Islam by being the only voice heard and being willing to kill dissent from within and without. I have read the Koran as well as the Christian scriptures. If someone expects respect and tolerance, then they have to be willing to give the same.

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