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Carson Nat Forest Deer Hunting

I'm curious as to the deer hunting east and south of Navajo Lake in the Carson? How is the quality of bucks, quantity of deer, what is the terrain like? I would like to put in for a tag in that area maybe next year or year after?

Looks like good country but wasn't sure.

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Re: Carson Nat Forest Deer Hunting

If you are talking about unit 45 I was drawn last year and in 5 days i saw something like 73 deer, approx. 7 of the deer i jumped without getting a look at so i'm unsure about sex and i am only certain that i saw 1 buck, and i came home with it. It was a small fork and i had to look twice to be sure he was legal, but i am glad i came home with some meat. It was during the muzzleloader/bow season. quantity is what you will see in this area. I have talked to tons of res. and non-res. in the area and during the season and they all say there are some smoker bucks they have seen but from my scouting and hard hunting (i hiked about 4 miles in) I saw lots of deer but not really any quality deer. Hope this helps.