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Carelessness Causes Most Treestand Accidents

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Carelessness Causes Most Treestand Accidents

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Carelessness Causes Most Treestand Accidents

Yikes. Good advice here would be to take extra care to avoid becoming a statistic.

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Carelessness Causes Most Treestand Accidents

Detroit Lakes man found dead after falling from deer stand

Sad way to go...

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Carelessness Causes Most Treestand Accidents

Go check out the safety video on Treestands and how to avoid tree stand injuries at http://www.treestand.com

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Carelessness Causes Most Treestand Accidents

Good info. I have always taken extra care when it comes to my treestands. I always inspect my stand before use, all the bolts, straps etc. etc......I take my time going up the tree and use the harness all the way up the tree. Once I'm up there I take a second to quickly look over the stand and make sure all is good to go before pulling my gear up. I always keep the impression in the back of my head that the stand can fail and I have to do whatever I can to prevent myself from falling and causing injury and this keeps me cautious and safe. Also, i work out regularly and I know this helps with my balance and versatility while manuvering up the tree and also having strong core muscles definitely contributes to better overall performance and if a fall happens they will help in this sense too.

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