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Cape Buffalo Hunting with a 12 ga.
hunter777 wrote:
stay in the truck and keep it in gear

In gear, motor running and film rolling to catch the moment in all it's glory...

"Slow down I can't see them in the viewfinder!"
"Oh yeah? Look in the passenger side mirror!"

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I asked question simmilar and

I asked question simmilar and i did my reaserch and the Brenneke Magnum Crush 3 in 666 grains ( NOT the Gold magnum. ) or the Black Magic  3 in Magnum version in 600 grains. would be able to take the Cape Buffalo under 50 or so yards. I would reccomend the Magnum Crush more than the Black Magic Magnum, because it has 3804 ft.lbs of energy at the muzzle compared to the Black Magic Magnum's 3014 ft.lbs at the muzzle. But you would need to be spot on, becase 

1. Your at a close distance he could easily charge. 

2. They don't carry 5000 + ft.lbs so shot placement is very critical. 

3. They might be a .58 cal, but it expands best at close range and not at long range. 

4. A slug in general loses energy very, very, very quickly so, again CLOSE RANGE SHOTS.

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you would need to check with

you would need to check with your outfitter. i doubt you can hunt a cape buffalo with anything less than a .375. having shot a whole two myself, i agree that the .375 H&H is a great gun for the job.

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cape buffalo with a 12 ga

Well gentlemen I understand this is a very old thread, and so most likely those who tried the shotgun on Cape Buffalo will likely not be posting here any longer. I doubt anyone did try it because it is illegal in every country in Africa to hunt a cape buffalo with a shotgun.

If no one tried it, and are still thinking about doing it, I predict it will be their last act finally realizing that is was a very bad idea just before their lights go out for good!

Gentlemen cape buffalo are not deer, or bear so when you decide to take on a big Dugaboy even with a 375 H&H make very sure you use a proper bullet, and place the first shot in the vitals, and keep shooting till he is down or out of sight. Once you stick a hole in a cape buffalo’s hide hope he decides to run, because if he decides to take you on the only shot that will stop him is in the brain or spine, and if you miss that target get ready to meet your maker!

It is quite evident no more than twopeople here have ever even seen a wild cape buffalo outside a zoo.
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