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Canvas Wall Tent Advice

I am looking at buying a Canvas Wall Tent, but I really don't know much about them or what manufactuers are better than others. I was hoping to get some advice from anybody that knows anything about them. Looking at a fairly large one. Looking at getting one for next season. Any help would be great.



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Canvas Wall Tent Advice

Panther Primitive puts out some good stuff.
Two things I can sudgest
1- dont skimp on the canvas the thicker the better.
2- dont buy unless the canvas has been coated with a fire retardent
Weight is always going to be an issue with this type of tent. If it is not such a big deal I would recomend also that you buy a "fly" also. Set up in tandom (in front) of your tent it gives a protected outside area to eat, cook etc. Also really helps reduce the amount of mud and dirt that get brought into the tent.

Oh yeah, welcome to the site.

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Canvas Wall Tent Advice

Well, up here you'll see many Fort McPherson tents....Northwest Territories.

Tried and true....but may be long way from where you are....

Agree with ADKBEAR.....ensure you get a fire retardent canvas...

which leads you to your next inquiry....what stove to use?

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