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Can't wait to start planning!!

Any idea on when new regs will be available in colorado? Can't wait to see how the Muzzleloader tags ended up being split.

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Re: Can't wait to start planning!!

jerkylover I haven't seen or heard anything yet.

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Re: Can't wait to start planning!!

They should be available soon, but I don't believe we will have any idea of how many tags will be available for each unit until the drawing. Those things aren't usually set until after the books come out. In talking with some DOW folks, it seems like most units will be available as a set of units within a DAU. What I mean by that is an area like 21 will be lumped with 22,30,31and32. I suspect 6,16,17,161,171 will be together, 54 will be by itsel, 62 will be by itself, 35 and 36 together, all the Grand Mesa Units will get lumped together. The Aspen units will be split they way they currently are with 43 and 471 together, then 44,45,47 and 444 together, 70, 71, 72,73,711 together, 74, 741 together, 75, 77, 78, 751, 771 together. Essentially the way the 1st season units are lumped will likely be what we can expect to see with the muzzy tags.
But I hear ya, I love the planning process.

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Re: Can't wait to start planning!!

New Regs. and Brochures come out in late Feb. for big game.

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