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Can't wait for some turkeys!

I am excited to get into some turkeys this year.  I have about 8 people in my group and we have found a farmer that says he would love for us to come and get rid of some turkeys that have been picking at his crops.  

Now I have to decide if I should pack my gear out in my Horn Hunter Full Curl pack or if I should buy a Beard Buster Blind Hog pack.  I know if I buy any more packs I will definitely stick with Sportsmans Outdoor Products since I have absolutely loved all the gear I have bought from them.  

Do any of you guys use any of their Beard Buster line of products?

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Good Luck on your Turkey Hunt!

Well 1st - good luck on your turkey hunt.  If you get one we would love to read your story of the hunt and see some pictures posted here.

2nd - I got my first Tom last spring and I got it without a special pack.  I do not use either of those brands nor do I buy my hunting gear from sportsmans outdoor products - never heard of them.  You already have an expensive pack why go buy another just for this hunt?  Almost reads like your just advertising here. 

IMHO - buy what you feel is needed and makes you comfortable.  Anyhow - good luck and hope to hear more from you on a successful turkey hunt... and even if you don't get one come back and tell of your hunt anyhow.

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Haha. Sorry didn't mean to

Haha. Sorry didn't mean to sound like an advertisement. I am just getting excited for the hunt. Yeah it is definitely the most important thing to have a pack that fits you comfortably. I know I already have a great pack but I really like to have different sets of gear dedicated for specific use. Hopefully luck is on our side and I will be able to post up some pics.

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