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that's a good poke of a

that's a good poke of a shot.

i've heard stories of guys killing with a bow at much farther distances, but even if the story is credible, why take the shot. i wouldn't count 45 yards unethical, but past 60 yds, you have a lot to contend with such as penetration problems and lack of suffiecient energy.

i routinely push my limits when i practice, sometimes at 80 yds with my recurve, and it helps me concentrate on my form, but i would never take a shot at an animal that far away.

just remember, bowhunters are supposed to be close to their prey! Thumbs up :thumbsup1: Thumbs up

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That’s a nice buck Bonecollector !

That’s a nice buck Bonecollector !  Congrats ! I’m not an archery guy – but I know enough about it to recognize that 43 yards is a LONG shot!     Like sdwolfden I am counting down to the next hunting season the minute the last season ends. At least with archery hunts you can get into the early and late primitive seasons you already have a few less weeks to wait than firearm hunters to start with. But like Critter said there aint much off season.  Don’t forget spring hunting options for turkeys!  I started turkey hunting just so I didn’t have to wait all year from fall to fall for the next deer season.  Spring turkey is open right now and I’m also shooting trap once a week.  Then there is load development, reloading, bullet casting, and  any number of gear maintenance projects.  I really think that there is no longer much of an off season.


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