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Can't find the deer in my peep.

I consider myself a good shot with a bow. It is easy to pull back and spot the big white target in my peep. However, I have a real problem finding the deer in my peep when I am ready to shoot. Especially when it is close to me. When I finally do find it, I have trouble finding the vitals region that I want to shoot at. I just don't have good vision through the peep. I shoot with one eye open.

Does anybody else have this problem? Is there a method you guys use to quickly find the sweet spot on a deer through your peep?

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Can't find the deer in my peep.

Try shooting with both eyes open.

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Can't find the deer in my peep.

One problem you may be having is that you may have a target peep and not a hunters peep on there. May need a bigger hole in other words. If thats not it then one solution you could try is like red said and use the both eyes open method. VERY hard to get used to though if you have always shot with one eye open. What you could try is called full target aquisition with both eyes open. What that means is you you come to full draw, aquire the target in both eyes, get as close as you can to point of impact that you wish, then close your op eye to finish and follow through the shot. Much easier to get used to than both open shooting.

Another you could try is called the No Peep. I havnt used this product personaly but I have a number of friends that use it and love it. Its a lil dealy that you hook up on the back side of your sight. It lets you know when you are at the proper anchor and level to rest your pin on. Simple product and not to difficult to use from what I gather, but as I said I havnt used it myself so this is just going from what a few tell me. Thats about it unless you want to get into using a scope sight. These are becoming more prevolent every year. Never used one on a bow myself but I am thinking about it with age and eyesight gettin a lil weaker.

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Can't find the deer in my peep.

shoot with both eyes open ! actually you should shoot with both eyes open with a scope as well i do Thumbs up

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Can't find the deer in my peep.

Both eyes open and a larger aperture. The peeps I've used would leave you with a ghost ring if you screwed the removable aperture out. That's great for close range on game.

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Can't find the deer in my peep.

I suggest a bigger peep hole or maybe no peep. You could put a kisser on and not really have to worry about it.

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Can't find the deer in my peep.

Your talking about a peep on a bow of which I know nothing about. But if it's similar to a rifle peep sight, there's an insert that screw's out, take it out. With a peep sight your eye is naturally drawn to the highest concentration of light, which is the exact center of the peep. Look thru it and even if you can't see the sight, your eye will still draw to the centre if it. When you unscrew the insert, there's only a thin ring left.

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