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Canned Hunts

CVC, I realize that buffalo aren't the most sporting of animals. There's a reason why they were almost wiped out in just a few years. It's because when you shoot one, the rest just stand there. Bill? Bill? Oh, well...

The big issue I have is fenced hunts. It's tough to argue fair chase with buffalo to begin with, but when you're talking about them being in a fence and driving up to them in a truck, it's downright ridiculous.

If someone wants to fill their freezer this way, so be it. What bugs me about it is the guy calling this "hunting" to everyone he sees, to include non-hunters that don't know anything about it. Antis point to guys like this as evidence that our claims of "sport" and "fair chase" are a smokescreen for a desire to kill things out of blood lust.

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Canned Hunts

I would sure enjoy some canned buffalo Thumbs up

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Canned Hunts

Well...at least he got something worth talking about...even if it wasn't entirely just his skills that got him the kill


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I wish I would have seen this

I wish I would have seen this before posting mine, I bet I'll get about the same answers. My opinion is I had to think twice before saying no, just not fair but they are well fed Whistling

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I may have seen this on

I may have seen this on another post on this site, but it makes me so sick I will re-post:


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