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Canine or Feline or What???
bnow0707 wrote:
Yeah we have coyotes but they don't get that big. I'm pretty convinced that it was those coon dogs mentioned in my post above.

Well then there is prolly somebodys stray dog out and about in the country side. You know like chasing your deer and eating your birds stupid shit like that. just calling your name saying come and hunt me down. SHOOT ME the size appears to be that of a malamute or Husky.......maybe part wolf???? who knows other than it's outa place.

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Canine or Feline or What???

Definatley Canine. The overall oval shape of the track, and the almost perfect allignment of the two front toes is the give away. Everynow and then a cat will leave claw marks while running or pouncing, but they usually will not be that obvious.

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Canine or Feline or What???

Looks like fido has been checking out the country side of life.

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