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Canadian Health Care

This one's for our esteemed Canadian colleagues. We hear a lot about Canada's health care system. What do you think of it?

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Canadian Health Care

I'm surprised that none of our Canadian friends have responded. I'm sure their experiences are varied. I have found in my communications with Canadian friends that their feelings about health care are directly linked to their own health and age. If they're young and healthy, all is wonderful - but should you have a serious problem, you could be in trouble.

Maybe the Canadians are staying out of the political forums? Think

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Canadian Health Care

It's cheap but you get what you pay for. We have huge wait times for specialists well over a year. Family doctors are almost a thing of the past and hospitals are over full so they kick you out before you should be. I think the ideal falls somewhere between ours and yours.

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Canadian Health Care

It was in the mid 90's that through work I got to know a Canadian. Even back then this discussion was going on and he candidly told me we didn't want their health care system.

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Canadian Health Care

When my mother got cancer it was well advanced she recived exelent care and my dad a retired minister didn't have to morgage the house to get it. My mother survived 6 more years doing chemo off and on . I don't know what you all pay for for health care down there , but I'm shure my dad could not aford it.
Waight times seem to be like worst cases get the first atention. There are weight times for elective surgeries like knee replacement and the like. This is where I think some privat practices would benifit everyone. The people with the money can get fast sevace and the people who cant aford it will get shorter waite times becaust more people will be taken out of the que.

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Canadian Health Care

The wait time for MRI's can be a very long. I have had team mates who injured their knee and waited 6 months for an MRI. That is a long time to walk around with a torn ACL or MCL.

There are others who will go to the Northern states for elective work because it's faster.

Both systems have the pros and cons.

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