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Canadian Firearms Safety Course Tests: Oral and Practical

I want to take the challenge exam for the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course. There are three parts: i) written, ii) oral, and iii) practical. I've been told that everything on the written part of the test is in the Student Manuals, which I have been studying. Does anyone remember what they ask you for the oral and practical parts? Thanks.

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Canadian Firearms Safety Course Tests: Oral and Practical

With mine on the restricted they asked what tthings do you need when transporting a restricted fire arm, ( don't forget your ATT) locked opake case with trigger lock, what do you do when they call a seace fire on the gun range, unloade and take a step behind the seace fire line .when picking up or some one hands you a fire arm, ACTS, and PROVE it's safe. Asume every firearm is loaded, Control the muzzel, keep fingers out of the Trigger gard,See that it's Safe , PROVE that it's safe.Point the muzzel down range in a safe direction,Remove any amo or clip, Observe the bullit pathway,Verify that it is empty, Examine the bore.
Ithink that this covers it for restricive guns.
For nonrestricted guns It is more hunting related and carring related,like climing obsticals and such. Mostly common sence.
Hope this helps F.K.

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Canadian Firearms Safety Course Tests: Oral and Practical

It must be seven years or so since I took the oral exam via phone. 26 questions i believe, nothing tricky or difficult. I didn't even have the manual. The ? probably have changed several times since but i remember the five types of non-restrictive firearms, maximum range for high powered ammo and 22 ammo, what is stamped on the barrel, best shooting background, the components of a live cartridge.and about 20 more similar type ??
Just stuff that you should know anyway.........Good Luck Thumbs up

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Canadian Firearms Safety Course Tests: Oral and Practical

Keep in mind it's the Federal Gov't....that should tell you plenty

the only real question is: "Do I have a pulse?"

If you answer "yes" to that question, you will have no problem passing the test.

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Canadian Firearms Safety Course Tests: Oral and Practical

I challenged the test here when they first came out with it as i wanted the hunter safety card for when i hunted out of province and figured it was just a matter of time before it would be required everywhere , some of the Q on oral exam were what was needed to purchase a new gun , what was needed to go to rifle range out of season etc , on the practial side I had to load un load hand gun ,match amo to caliber , had to id different types of amo for shotguns etc and match to gun ,show how to climb over a fence or log what to do when you are handed or pick up a gun or rifle pretty basic stuff . good luck with yours !

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