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Can i have tips for finding sheds?

I love hunting, and being in the woods. i want to try to start shed hunting, i live in wisconsin
can you give me any tips how too look for sheds and your methods?

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Can i have tips for finding sheds?

I know where alot of the deer yard after hunting season in my hunting area. For sheds, I usually wait till half of the snow is gone,then i'll go for a walk to those areas and keep checking. Usually I'll find some between there and their feeding areas. Found one monster one with my brother in law several years ago. Well, a monster for western massachusetts. Hope this helps.

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Can i have tips for finding sheds?

Some of the best information about shed hunting can be found with the North American Shed Hunters Club. See their website at http://www.shedantlers.org or call 608-666-2071

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Can i have tips for finding sheds?

This is from a site for MN hunters. I assume that the theories hold for other states and species but I don't hunt for sheds myself so I can't verify or comment on this...just thought I would pass it along.

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Can i have tips for finding sheds?

The best time is right after the snow is gone and before things start to green up. That's when they're easiest to spot. Just like when deer hunting, walk slow and look lots.

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Can i have tips for finding sheds?

Most of the sheds I find are in feeding areas. I like to look when the snow is on the ground, It makes finding those feeding areas easier.
When you find those areas, keep your eyes on the ground, and take your time.

I always take a pair of binoculars with me, they will save you a lot of walking.
Here is what I have left of my collection, I have given many away to freinds.

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