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The only reason to get a new

The only reason to get a new bag would because you want one that is lighter or warmer or both. If what you have meets your needs then why even entertain a salesman. Their job is to sell. Everything eventually becomes lighter, smaller, warmer, faster, better, more effecient etc. For instance, this computer is 8 years old. but for surfing the net it's all I need right now.

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The Kelty Noah's Tarp is the

The Kelty Noah's Tarp is the bomb.  I have the 9ft version and I love it.  I like to backpack hunt and so it makes the perfect shelter to keep you dry for sleeping and camping.  When I am just backpacking and not hunting, I use trecking poles upside down to hold up the two corners, and then I don't even need to have trees to tie to.  I am a bowhunter so it won't be as cold, but I will be carrying my tarp, sleeping pad and a 0 degree down bag this year. 

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just picked up a -3o degree

just picked up a -3o degree mummy bag at the bargain cave in cabelas...someone burn a couple hole in the bottom!duh.... easy fix with a sewing machine. 30 bux!

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I've got a 10 degree

I've got a 10 degree slumberjack that I got at sportsmans 5 years ago and it has served me well from summer backpacking trips (gotta be unzipped) to winter excursions (wearing longjohns to bed). I really like it though; especially for the price


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