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Love your menu! It is very

Love your menu! It is very similar to our elk camp meals. We have the luxury of having a lot of equipment and our group has hunted together for a long time so our camp is more outfitted that a lot. We always have steak, pork chops, I smoke a brisket and bring it up to camp, this year I caught a lot of crappie and catfish back in the spring so we are having an old fashioned southern fish fry! We always have a very satisfying breakfast after the morning hunt, usually eggs, bacon or sausage, pancakes, hashbrowns. We believe in not skimping on the food. I have attached a few pics to make your mouth water!


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That's some good eatin'!

I have to say that's a pretty elaborate set up for camp cooking.  Just once, I'd like to find myself in the woods camping next to your camp!  I'd bring the cookies for dessert. Big smile

I usually lose several pounds each hunt.  If I was in your group, I'm afraid I'd actually gain weight each hunt.  We usually try to eat at a restaurant for dinner, but the restaurants probably don't serve food as good as your camp either.

Not sure we'll ever get our camp food to the level taken by some of you, but thanks again for all of the suggestions.  

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Wow, that's fancy! That's

Wow, that's fancy! That's about how my family and friends cook during general camping. Going up for the hunt I've an MSR PocketRocket, and a canteen cup, and will then make dinner of MREs, breakfasts of oatmeal, lunch of jerky or trail mix, etc. Of course my camp will be on my back for 5 days and I won't have the luxuries! Big smile

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  If I am settting up a base


If I am settting up a base camp and my truck is nearby I then am more adventurous on the meals like the use of a dutch oven for cooking - I have some great recipes from past Boy Scout/Venture Crew days.  I also am with the masses on pre-cooking up a good batch of chili and/or some pasta dish and them freezing blocks of it in zip-lock bags.  I cook the noodles as part of the pre-cook so I don't have to boil noodles on sight.  I don't mind a little pasta mush for my camp dinners.  I really do like the breakfast burrito idea and will definitely add that to my list.  If I am hiking in several miles and setting up/moving camp daily then it is only the easy stuff - freeze dried Mountain House type meals.  Some of them are pretty darn good and really don't taste like freeze dried. 



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